metal markers

Manufacturer of Metal Markers, Paint Markers and Other Industrial Marking Products

This is the Carmel METAL MARKERS Website! We are a manufacturer of industrial paint markers, paint pens, metal paint crayons, and pencils and chalk for the marking of all metals.

Business with commitment has been our basic motto since Carmel was created back in 1974, and we have developed into a world-wide manufacturer of metal marking instruments.

Great products at an amazing price is our simple motto. After 35 years of innovation, we have manufactured the best metal marking products available on the market. We ask you to express your requirements by calling or emailing a member of our sales team.

Also Available: Industrial paint marker, lumber crayon, tire marking crayon, wood, carpenter pencil, hot chalk, steel marking chalks:

Wholesale supplier of specialty writing instruments for steel, copper, iron, lead, hot surface metals, etc:

Tire and wood marking crayons and pencils, carpenter pencil and chalk, damp erase markers, grease pencils, crayon holders and displays, soapstone, steel marking hot chalk, temperature sensitive chalk, paint in a tube, paint in a bottle, valve-activated paint markers, school chalk, chalkline powder, and metal marking talc.

ball tip marker
Ballpoint Paint Marker

2 oz. (59 mL) bottle that marks with highlly visible marking paint through a press-activated ball point tip.
tube marker
Tube Marker

Toothpaste-style tube that marks with paint through a press-activated ball point tip.